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Frenchman Lake Report courtesy Wiggins Trading Post (530) 993-4683

The fishing continues to be good at Frenchman Lake.The warmer weather we have been having lately has made the fish go deeper. Try floating nightcrawlers off the bottom. Powerbait - rainbow, chartreause or sping green, has also been working very well.
Bank fishing has been good at the dam as well as at Spring Creek. Steve Sexton from Loyalton caught 5 nice sized cat fish using powerbait and worms. They were each about 17 inches in length and weighed about 3 lbs.
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing - Wiggin's Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Surface temps spiking to 77 degrees by midday.
Clarity about 12 to 14 ft..
Boats are scattered all over both basins searching for the hot bite, which is no particular area, fish are scattered.
However more hook ups have been coming from the east basin, rather that the west, where the surface temp is probably just getting too warm for trout too hang.
Generally the bite has been soft...Many savvy fishermen have had to work a lot longer for fewer hook ups.
Today the bite showed signs of coming back around and we did catch a few quality Rainbows, despite a full moon, massive Hex hatches, Smelt fry, (which are everywhere now) and mucho boat traffic by 9:00 am..Dudes there is a ‘LOT "of fish food available right now.
All that tips the scale in favor of the fish and never helps the troller,s or guys on anchor..
Its been hot here... 90 degrees by mid day, everyday this week, and Lake Almanor has water, so there,s lots of boats, skiers, and tubers dominating the the lake 9:00 am.
Best bait bite is during the evening as hex larva rise and Mayfly's lift off, and the boat traffic is gone.
Crickets and mealworms are getting some quality fish right up till dark, from Goose Island to Rocky Point. Fresh hex hatch casing are thick on the surface and load up on downrigger wires and fishing line as you troll thru...Holy Moly there lots of them! and the fish are down deep feeding on them as they rise from the bottom.
Trollers and bait anglers have been pounding areas known to have strong spring flows, Big Springs, A-Frame, Rec. 1, Rec. 2, and south of the Hamilton Branch.
Warming surface temps will push deeper, and into cool spring fed areas.
Expect that hex activity to peak soon and go into decline. Also that full moon phase is one the way out, so, I feel its about to "go off big" here anytime.
Good luck, your gonna need it for the next few days!
All ramps are open, lake levels are still very good.

On a sad note.
Local Legend and Fishing Guide, Doug D'Angelo passed away July 3rd.
Doug guided Lake Almanor for over 55 years and was my friend and teacher.
Nobody on the planet knew how to fish this lake like him. there will never be another like in a million.
He will be missed.


Frenchman Lake Report courtesy Wiggins Trading Post (530) 993-4683

A variety of baits are working well at Frenchman now.
Mike from Reno caught 5 rainbows at the dam using worms last week and on Saturday, 6-21-2014 he came back and caught 4 more nice trout from the bank at the dam using worms.
On 6-20-14 Jacob Cole, 5 years old, from Reno, caught his first fish all by himself! He got a nice 22 inch rainbow using powerbait.
Bob and Pamela Lee each caught limits of rainbows with rainbow powerbait. They were fishing all over the lake.
On 6-21-14, Marcos Inglesias from Reno caught 4 trout at the dam. He used salmon eggs. His fish were between 14 and 23 inches.
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing - Wiggin's Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Surface temps rebounding to about 70 degrees after some cold north winds last week.
Clarity is really good, about 14 to 16 ft. depending where you are.
Lake levels are still very good
Latest levels from PG&E as of 6/14
4,484.52 foot elevation
909,001 acre feet storage
Water quality here is outstanding, fish are happy.
Aquatic insect hatches continue to amaze. Going back to mid April..
Cant remember such a non stop hatch, with real staying power and thicker intensity levels....bugs are happy.
Excellent water quality will do that. Makes everything happy happy happy.

And now,
The Hex Hatch has started early, as expected. Small exploding pockets of these Hex hatches around the west shore have fish rising late afternoon till dark.
Casings are floating around both Basins, so actually its happening everywhere.
Expect the big surge to erupt this week as a warming trend is in the forecast.
95% of the fish we checked are holding insect larval.
Very little evidence of smelt consumption observed. This years pond smelt hatch is currently looking good, about 1 to 1.25 inches long and growing.
After aquatic insect reproduction hatches decline, expect hungry fish to turn their attention back to the flourishing smelt populations.
However the hatches show no sign of declining, in fact its safe to say its going full throttle, and will be for awhile.
So that abundance of aquatic insects will take the heat off the smelt, allowing them to just get bigger as the fish will still have insects on the menu for some time.
Overall the bite was tough here last week with the full moon, and loads of insect hatches, offering a "Open all Night", all you can eat, buffet..
So there were several reports coming from boats that were struggling with the big bagel, aka, zero, El skunko..
Looking forward.
Expect the bite to get back on a early morning track, as darker nights eliminate night feeding opportunities.
Currently we have been catching a mix of Browns and Rainbows, and a occasional Salmon, trolling north of Rec. 2, and, from Rec. 1 to the A-Frame.
Most of our hits have been coming off the down rigged deep rods between 35 to 45 ft .or about 6 to 8 ft. off the bottom.
However lead core line guys have reported Rainbows to 3 lbs. 3 to 4 colors down.
Another developing good spot has been the rock jetties near Plumas Pines, to Almanor West ramp and back.
We hooked Rainbows to 4 lbs. trolling 1/2 crawler behind a Seps, silver Strike Master Dodger with a naked crawler trailer stacked 5 ft. above.

Most boat are launching at the free public ramp at Canyon Dam, which has plenty of parking and a dock..
The USFS ramp also has a dock in place.


Frenchman Lake Report - Courtesy Wiggins Trading Post

Fishermen are doing very well at Frenchman Lake and in the streams also.
Thomas Buoyant lures are working great in the streams - try the rainbow or trout pattern lures. Someone reported catching 3 rainbows and said they had many bites.
Jason Morgan and his son from Reno were fishing from their boat in the narrows. They caught 5 nice fish - the largest was 2.17 lbs - using worms.
Now that the weather is warming up we are getting reports that the catfish are biting as well.
When you come up to Frenchman Lake please be sure to stop in and give us a report on the fishing. Bring in your catch and we'll take your picture and include you in our weekly report.
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing - Wiggin's Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Lake Davis Report - courtesy Grizzly Store 530-832-0270

Honker Cove Boat Ramp is Open!!!!!!
Lake Level is 65%
Water Temp is in the low to mid 60's
Fishing (catching) has been fair, a bit slow for some good for others
Trolling: Wee Dick Nite Copper Red Head is working well, additionally Needlefish Yellow Watermelon and Red Dot Frog are seeing some action.
Bank: Power Bait or Worms, West side reports seem a bit better.
Fly: West side seems to be best right now. Damsel, blood midge, woolly buggers have been used.
J & J's Grizzly Store and Camping Resort
(530) 832-0270