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Frenchman Lake

Please note: As of 6/26/15 the Frenchman boat dock at Frenchman Lake has been pulled and will not be available for the rest of the summer due to low water conditions. The concrete boat ramp will soon be out of the water, but the shoreline directly below the ramp will be available to launch small craft such as canoes, kayaks and other types of small boats as long as the motorized vehicle and trailer stay on the concrete surface. Small craft owners are urged to use caution when launching any type of watercraft due to the low water levels.
Driving vehicles along the shoreline is not allowed. All vehicles must stay on gravel or paved road surfaces. A violation is subject to a penalty of not more than $5,000 or 6 months imprisonment, or both.


Lake Davis report - courtesy Baiocchi's Troutfitters (530) 228-0487

Lake Davis has been very technical and challenging in the last week during the Damsel grab. Fishing pressure has increased even more, and those rainbows now have a very clear idea between an artificial fly, and the natural. For more success in the catching department it's wise to fish areas that have not been getting pounded. Dark damsel patterns have been best including my chocolate damsel. Many of my guest's damsel patterns in their boxes are way too big; the nymph is about 1 to 1.25 inches long.
Water temps are starting at 62 in the early morning and rising to 73 in the afternoons, the wind continues to help keep the water cooler, and man has the wind been blowing up there. Last Sunday saw a steady wind of 20 mph and whitecaps right out of the chute around 7am. When such conditions exist, it's best to pack it up and go back to camp and tie some flies. Soaking chironomids under an indicator just before the hatch ends is working pretty well, especially if the water has some chop to it. By 1pm the lake is dead as the rainbows are stuffed full of damsels. My guests have been hooking into some large specimens in the 4 to 5 pound range, so fat you can hardly get your hand around their behemoth girth. Very impressive!
The Hex hatch remains strong but is a very short lived show, starting at about 8:45 and lasting until dark. The emerger continues to dominate the best catch rates by far. Remember you can use heavier tippet during low light conditions, this helps immensely with less break offs. The middle and southern part of the lake has seen the most fish keyed in on the Hex. Just the like the Damsel hatch, the Hex hatch will vary in numbers from night to night, and every day is different.
For the last two weekends Rob Anderson and I have once again held our extremely popular Lake Davis Outings. These 3 day events are way more than a clinic, we teach how to best approach the lake for this time of year including equipment selection, rigging, leader construction, technical presentations, shore tactics, float tube techniques, and detailed informative handouts for later review. I also presented my Lake Davis Power Point right in the campground with the lake as a back drop for first timers; this really speeds up the learning process for fly fishing still waters.


Frenchman Lake Report - Courtesy Wiggin's Trading Post (530) 993-4683

Well hello summer, now full in force if last weekend temperatures didn't scream enough. Welcome campers & fishermen! Last week we had great reports on fishing, ending it with a man catching a 4lb trout! What a beauty! Nightcrawlers are still remaining the #1 choice of bait & the Dam remaining the hotspot!
June 8th, it is noted that they planted trout 3 weeks ago at Frenchman. No large boats can be launched due to low water level but small fishing boats are still ok.
June 8th, Larry Boe from Reno, N.V. headed up to the lake and caught 3 16"-18" trout using nightcrawlers at the dam.
June 9th, our regular fisherman, Mitch from Reno was fishing at the dam as well catching 2 beautiful rainbows with a total weight of 4 ½ lbs. He also was using nightcrawlers.
June 11th, David Marshall from Reno, caught 2 average sized rainbows, each weighing about 1 ½ lbs each. Fishing near the Dam, he was floating worms from the bottom.
June 16th, Richard Bradford from Sun Valley, was fishing at Lunker Point, catching 5 gorgeous rainbows. 4 were averaged at about 16" and one was 4lbs and 21 ½ inches in length! He was fishing worms off the bottom in a boat.
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing- Wiggins Trading Post (530) 993-4683

**Picture of 4lb trout caught by Richard Bradford.


Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal, Almanor Fishing Adventures (530) 258-6732

Greetings Almanor Anglers.
Including, rock hoppers, stump jumpers, bait soakers,and trolling fin assassins.
Almanor is looking real good, here's the latest.
Surface temp reaching 66.5 degrees by mid day.
Clarity, good, about 11 to 13 ft. depending what part of the lake your at.
Lake levels are good, and water quality is excellent.
Moon phase is waning. Cloud cover overnight has helped filter out moonlight. Fishing pressure has been light.

Aquatic insect hatches remain on the top of the fish food menu, have been for the last 2 months.
Even with all this food available fish are still chasing lures.
The bite has been early. We been getting good action in the early morning breezes. Once the wind dies down, so dose the bite. If the wind picks up, so dose the bite.
Rainbows have been running from 2 lbs. to 4.8 lbs..
Head West, like Almanor West. Today we saw several nets go out, and not just mine.
I been running fast action the last week and had some terrific takedowns around the Almanor West area..
All Rainbows, and the fish are in here thick, drawn in from all the hatches that are still going off.
Radio chatter, or lack of it, from other areas around Lake Almanor, like the Dorado, Rec. 1, east shore, indicate a slow bite.
I been running 1/6 oz. red and gold Speedy Shiners, basted with a blend of Pro-Cure Carp Spit, and Trophy Trout scents, mixed in a bowl and brushed on thick.
Lines are in the water at first light. down rigged at 8 to 16 ft., running at 2.8 to 3.2 mph. We manage 2 to 3 in the box early, and then the bite drops, before picking up again after 9:30 am.
After 9:30 am the bite has been better all week. A little breeze really helps.
Flat as glass conditions might require changing out to dodger crawler combos and slowing down to 1.3 mph. and go a little deeper.
Afternoon we add Pro-Cure Garlic Super gel to the Carp Spit Trophy Trout scent bowl for additional enticement. Scent makes the difference, especially when the bite slow, and better when its good.
Almanor West is good right now, however as the water continues to warm and insect hatches subside, and fish will be moving into deeper water.
But for now?
I am fishing from Plumas Pines to Almanor West point, and the big water 800 yds. out.
The fish are here.
Expect surface temps to spike into the 70, by week.
I also expect insect hatches to slowly diminish as most of the spring reproduction cycles have run their course.
The Hex hatch may start earlier this year, no sign yet.
Afternoon thunder showers possible.

Looking ahead, there are 2 full moons in July.

All public ramps are open.
All resort ramps are open.
Private ramps at Rec. 1., Rec.2., and Almanor West are open.