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Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Clear and cold every morning.
Just barely freezing over night, and them warming to the mid 50,s by 1:00 pm...that's warm.
Clarity is poor, about 6 ft. near Rec 1. and it gets worst as you go north. 3.5 ft. clarity near Big Springs, and the Branch.
The Hamilton Branch power house is running brown water down from Walker Lake again.
East shore and south to Canyon Dam has the best clarity.
Surface temps averaging 39 to 40 degrees at mid day.
Rec. 2, and the USFS ramps are locked up with thin ice, about 1/4 inch, which melts away every afternoon.

Rec. 1 looks good. I launched there yesterday. The lake has come up enough to back in larger trailers. However take a look before backing down.
Best Bet, Canyon Dam ramp, it still has a dock and is free of ice. In fact the whole east basin is ice free.
The west side has some thin ice that disappears by mid morning.
Condition are excellent for trolling and bait fishing. Fishing Pressure is light. With this high pressure system lingering over the north state, the water is warmer that it should be for mid January.
Its been so warm that Cedar trees are already releasing pollen.
We just returned from the big ISE show and are just getting back on the water.
Thinking about coming up? Here's a few good places to start.
Canyon Dam,: All that big water around the dam has the most bait fish holding.
Speedy Shiners, Needlefish, trolled fast at 3.0 to 3.5 mph.
Or slow it down and run soft plastic smelt patterns. Dodger crawler rigs is a good presentation.
Always add a brush of Pro-Cure Trophy Trout scent to your lure or suspended baits.
Lake Cove, to the Dorado: This is a excellent trolling area during winter, or jig in front of the big house.
Geritol Cove at Canyon Dam: Chartreuse Power bait off the bottom, Or Suspend Roe 3 cranks up off the bottom.
We got a chance of rain up here the next few days. As always check the weather before making the trek up here.


Frenchman Lake Report

Will from Reno caught his limit of rainbows last Sunday at Turkey Point. He was using worms and white marshmallows. The fish were 18 inches each.
Chilcoot residents Bob Parry and Pamela Lee also caught one 18 inch rainbow and missed 5 using rainbow powerbait.
Mitch from Reno caught a couple of 2 ½ pounders at the dam with nightcrawlers.
One fisherman stopped in to let us know that the water temperature was 45 degrees and said that he caught one rainbow at the dam. There is no ice on the lake yet.
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing - Wiggin's Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Rain and Wind.
That's been the story here the past week, with more in store.
All the snow has been above 5800 ft. Expect the snow line to drop over the next few days.
Yep, The best part of 2014 is in the rear view mirror.
Here's the latest from Almanor.
Even with the downright nasty weather here, anglers have been picking their spots and making them pay off.
Boats headed out between the sweeping bands of rain have been rewarded for their perseverance and intestinal fortitude....(aka, guts)
If the wind is flat? we are fishing on anchor, and work the baits or jig.
If the wind picks up, and we start dragging that anchor, we pick up and troll.
If its really Blowin? "we aint Goin"!
We had a few nice fish this week, nice being over 4 lbs. and up, mostly Browns.
Browns are Spawning right now, and bigger fish are holding in areas longer in till this event wraps up in mid December.
Yes we had a couple Browns to 6 lbs. this week, and several off suspended Roe. When wind is light, we been drifting across spawning areas working jigs.. white or chartruce, most of these are aggression hits. Also drifting Gulp 3" smelt, with Pro-Cure Trophy Trout scent applied.
Release the hens, try now to use a net.
We have been staying close to Rec. 2 simply because of the wind that can pick up quickly. However if you can get over to the east shore, Lake Cove has been providing great trolling, here we been getting mostly Rainbows, all over 2 lbs. and up to 5 lbs.
Other boats trolling are reporting mostly Rainbows, running Fast action lures like Needlefish or Shiners or, Ripping lures along the shoreline. into the shallows across coves for Browns.
It appears that most of the larger concentrations of big Rainbows are along the east shore. Smelt are here for the plankton, drawing attention of big fish looking to feed.
Surface temps continue to drop, currently hovering around 49 degrees. While clarity is about 9 to 10 ft. in the east basin, less on the west side.
Check conditions before making the trek to Lake Almanor. Pick your spots carefully.
Safety First.
Wintertime weather can be dangerous here, always use good judgment before heading out.

Canyon Dam ramp, open with dock.
USFS ramp closed.
Rec. 2, open, with dock
Rec. 1 closed to bigger boats, open for smaller boats, with dock use at your own risk.
Good luck to all.