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Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Surface temps approaching 55 degrees by mid day. Perfect.
Clarity: Very good about 12 to 13 ft. yesterday.
Lake Almanor looks good, lake levels are very good when you consider some other lakes. 6 more feet and we are about full here.
The last round of snow has Mt. Lassen covered in white.
Expect all conditions around both basins to improve as good weather is in the forecast this week.
Well if you been waiting? wait no mo..Its happening.
This is Lake Almanor at its best.
Moon phase is waning, and the hatches have ramped right back up after that snow and cold wind last week.
East Peninsula, Rec. 1 to A-Frame has been very good. We had limits of Rainbows and Browns before noon, and a few got off too.
The bite was light early, and the fish were small, about 14 to 16 inches.
As we got a little deeper into the morning the bite really went off, and each successive fish has bigger than the last.
There,s no doubt that the "good bite" is holding deep into the afternoon. Pack a sandwich, and a bottle of Barley pop and enjoy the afternoon.
And don't forget some SUNBLOCK!
Even the Smallies are happening, Bass boats are working Catfish Beach, North Shore Campground, and Gould Swamp.
Right now the whole lake can produce. Fish are active as Insect Protein combined with warming water have increased their metabolism 10x.
Here's some other areas you may want to consider.
Hamilton Branch: There's some big fish in this inlet right now, Mostly Rainbows to 5 lbs. Fly fishermen are doing the best with sinking line and mergers.
The east shore:
Trolling from the Dorado Inn to Lake Cove, known for massive hatch activity.
Almanor West, in close early, move out and go deeper as the sun gets higher.
Bailey Springs, good bite, slow troll crawlers. Fly fishing in close to the actual Springs
Fox Farm, in close, slow troll crawlers.
Fast action: 2.8 to 3.2 mph. Remember, The top water early contains more "angled light". Angled light has a higher "Top Water" refraction rate, which means "MORE FLASH" more flash= more fish. After 9:30 am drop down deeper.
Speedy Shiners, 1/6 oz. in silver hammer finish, Silver and Blue, or red and gold. Needle Fish #2 Silver, or white, deeper as the sun climbs and fish are forced deeper.
Most of the good action was down off down rigged Shiners, between 18 to 32 ft. with a generous application of Pro-Cure Trophy Trout Super Gel brushed on...good stuff!
Going Slow: 1 to 1.2 mph, Threaded crawlers, Strike Master Dodgers, with a 1/2 crawler, or Gulp 3" smelt, on a #4 Gamakatsu octopus hook.
If you need any of this stuff? Check out "Ayoobs Hardware" on Main in Chester they got all this stuff, and more.
All public and private ramps are open,
Resort Ramps: Some are not open yet, won't be till mid May.
Good luck to all.
Just need a little help? 530-258-6732
I have a few opening April 19th. thru April 22 nd.
and April 27 thru April 30th.
Check out www.almanorfishingadventures.com for rates and other details.