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Lake Almanor Report - Courtesy Doug Neal

Sept. 28, 2014

Greetings from Lake Almanor.

Surface temps are cooling, 63 degrees in the morning and 65.8 degrees at midday. Clarity very poor, about 3 to 4 ft. Dark and cloudy the past few days, lots of rain in that last quick storm, about 2 inches fell here at lake level. Currently it's raining and has been all morning. Light wind and a warming trend is forecasted for the Almanor Basin with temps reaching 77 degrees by this Thursday. Lake levels continue to slowly drop. Currently it's the lowest I have ever seen it. However ramps around Almanor are still very usable. Strong afternoon winds have really stirred the lake up reducing clarity, especially the west side Also, the lake has "rolled over" and clarity has been reduced even more. Upwelling's from below has stirred up green particles that have clouded the water like a green fog, making the trolling bite very difficult. Accumulations of these particles build up on your line while trolling and packing rod tips with the green material as you reel in.

The west basin is the worst, while the east basin is better, but not much, about 6 ft. clarity. This event happens here every year. We passed several boats the past few weeks that reported a very weak trolling bite, in both basins. The better fish caught the past week have all come off baits suspended 5 to 8 ft. up off the bottom and off jigs. Bait fishermen have reported the best action working areas closer to springs this past week. If you must troll, Dodgers or Flashers may help when clarity is as poor as it is right now.

Crickets mealworm combos, Nightcrawlers and even salmon eggs have been the top producers with reports of Rainbows and Browns from 16 incher to 5 lbs. Adding scent is very important when clarity is a issue. Bait scents are helping fish find suspended baits that otherwise could not be seen in the poor clarity. Pro-Cure Trophy Trout and Carp Spit, Berkley Trout Attractor, Bang aerosol in Crawfish, are being used heavily right now and will be until this clarity issue improves. Areas that have reported quality fish have been The Prattville Jetties, Prattville Towers, Big Springs and Spar Buoy. Barring anymore big wind, and the roll over phase finishes, water clarity should improve as we go thru the week, allowing the trolling bite to rebuild. But really the past 2 weeks the trolling bite has been poor.

The good news is: Fall fishing can be very good here. Expect good things from Oct. thru early Dec. weather permitting. Much cooler mornings, dress in layers.

Canyon Dam ramp open with dock. USFS ramp is open, but no dock...for some reason the USFS has pulled the ramp early.