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Movie - Town Hall Theatre

Town Hall Theatre
Main Street

Playing: Nomadland
Cost:  8.00

New COVID protocols that we have to employ to reopen safely: 
Face coverings will need to be worn by all persons in lines and inside the theatre at all times, unless a person is actively eating or drinking.
 Spacing will be required in lines for ticket purchase and theatre entry and seating within the auditorium. Family groups  will need to be seated in the auditorium, then as space allows one (or two) persons from each group will be called to the concession stand to purchase for their entire group.
In the Orange and Yellow Tier, we are limited to a capacity of 50% (100 people) for any given screening. While this might not be a problem in some cases, we will be required to turn people away when that capacity is reached. We want to avoid that, so to make sure that you and your group will be able to get into the movie you want to see on the day you want to see we will be offering presale ticket purchase online below. 
  We will also strongly encourage people to arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before scheduled screening times. With the new procedures we will have to abide by, planning to arrive at the theatre early will be far more important, not only to make sure that you get in to see the movie when you want to, it will also help to keep us on schedule as we work to move patrons through the lines to get seated and concessions so we can begin.










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