Plumas County Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality Council

P.O. Box 1945, Quincy, CA 95971


Thank you for your interest in supporting the website, our county’s oldest and most vital marketing tool with your sponsorship. 


Additionally, your input into what goes onto the website will be what makes it an effective marketing tool for your businesses and our communities. We urge all sponsors to e-mail suggestions for content and to post visitor-relevant information onto the Plumas County Visitors Bureau Facebook page, which has over 1200 followers.  And, as a sponsor, you will have a voice in marketing Plumas County! 


Please print this form, fill in the appropriate information and mail to the address below.


Name ______________________________________________________________


Business name: _______________________________________________________


Business Address: _____________________________________________________


Website address: ______________________________________________________


Email address: ________________________________________________________


Phone # ___________________________



Suggested Business Sponsorship Amount:  $100 ___ $150___  $200 ___  


Suggested Private, non-business Sponsorship  $50 ___  $ 100 ___ $150 __



Please make your check payable to:  Plumas Corporation (our fiduciary agent only)


And mail to:   The Tourism, Recreation & Hospitality Council  (TRHC)

                        P.O. Box 1945,  Quincy, CA 95971


If you have questions please email:


It is a pleasure to have you join us in continuing to make the website one of the best tourism marketing sites in the state. And remember, this is a tax write-off for you businesses!

See Press Release from April 27, 2012