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October 31, 2015
Quincy fallCheck out this beautiful view of Quincy, submitted by our friend from the Plumas National Forest, Cynthia Lusk. Thanks, Cynthia!

We hope you all have a Happy Halloween.






October 29, 2015

What more can we say? Thanks Mike Nellor, for today's stunning photos of the Methodist Church on Church Street in Quincy, and the beautiful silver maples in front of Quincy High School.

Methodist Churchhigh school trees

October 28, 2015

dogwoodsOur Quincy friend, John Sheehan, made the drive up to Bucks Lake yesterday and sent this photo of dogwoods, which he entitled "dogwoods abound." This shot was taken on Big Creek Road above Meadow Valley. (Route 4)

Our fall color is at its peak right now. You'll find beautiful scenery all around the county.

October 25, 2015

Yesterday was such a nice crisp fall day we decided to take a drive through Quincy and into Indian Valley (Greenville). We're happy to report there are a lot of fall colors showing all along Highway 70 and Highway 89. Be sure look up on the hillsides.And check out the hillsides behind Feather River College - gorgeous color showing there now!

Roung Valley LakeWe drove up the Round Valley Lake (Route 3) out of Greenville. The colors are muted but still pretty.

No Valley RoadAnother route out of Greenville worth the drive is along the North Valley Road which takes you all the way to Taylorsville. Very pretty, easy drive, with lots of color to be seen on the hillsides.

October 20, 2015

mountainside colorWe have a suggestion for a nice little jaunt. Take the short trip east of Quincy on Highway 70 toward Graeagle. You'll see lots of trees along the highway in full color. There are big leaf maples, black oaks, willows and other shrubs looking great. And be sure to look up on the mountainsides along the way. Nice color showing up from the oaks interspersed with beautiful green conifers. Thanks to Mike Nellor for today's photo.

October 19, 2015

Thompson ValleyMike Nellor sent along some new photos this morning. He went out just east of Quincy yesterday morning - after a wonderful rain Saturday night - and sent along these shots. You can see the oaks on the hillside are showing off their colors, and the beautiful Indian Rhubarb, wild grape, and oaks along Spanish Creek welcomed the rain.

Spanish Creek


October 17, 2015

What a beautiful day today! No, really, it rained hard last night and is overcast with maybe a bit more rain forecast for today, rained! It's overcast right now (10 am) but don't let that stop you from enjoying the fall colors. We had a couple of leaf-peepers check in today. The first is from a local photographer, Michael Beatley. He hiked the Cascade Trail yesterday, (just a few miles north of Quincy) and sent these nice photos:

 Cascades Cascades

An Indian Valley leaf-peeper, Emily Webb, shared this beautiful photo of tree at Dixie canyon. "Really at it's peak right now! about 4 miles north of the Greenville Y (then on the left) on HWY 89."
Dixie Canyon tree


October 16, 2015
Today we have a video for you. This was shot by Mike Nellor a couple of days ago. He was just off LaPorte Road, just east of Quincy. It's short but really shows you that sometimes you have to get off the highway and out of your car to experience our Awesome Autumn!
Click here for the video.

October 15, 2015

Our Indian Valley leaf-peeper, Jeff Titcomb, checked in today with these two photos. Both are close-up shots of fall leaves. Jeff says "The drive to Round Valley Reservoir is very pretty and worthwhile. You'll see dogwoods, big leaf maples, and oak trees." So why not take Jeff's advice and make the colorful drive to Indian Valley and Round Valley Reservoir. (Route 3 on the Fall Color Map Guide.)

Dogwoodfall leaves

October 14, 2015

What a treat we have for you today. "Totally exuberant dogwood ensembles" from local leaf-peeper John Sheehan. These photos were all taken yesterday on John's ride to Bucks Lake. (Route 4 on the fall color map guide.) Thanks for sharing John!


Big Creek Rd 

 More dogwood

October 12, 2015

Today we're inviting you to get out of your car and enjoy a short hike along Spanish Creek - about 5.5 miles northwest of Quincy. Take the "Old Highway" turnoff to the right and go less than a mile on the paved road, then less than 1/2 mile on a dirt road to your left, ending in a parking area. Our intrepid photographer, Mike Nellor, made this short trip yesterday morning and shared these photos.

So. get out of your cars and enjoy nature in its glorious fall colors!

Cascade Trail 

October 11, 2016

English MapleOur fall color is progressing nicely now. Here's a shot of the famous "LaPorte Tree" to prove it. Mike Nellor sent this along yesterday. Thanks Mike!  You can find this particular tree on Route 5 of our Fall Color Map Guide (link above).




October 9, 2016

pink dogwoodJust as we suspected, the dogwood has started to change. This photo was kindly shared by John Sheehan, and shows delightful pink dogwood along Bucks Lake Road. (Just west of Quincy) Thanks John. If any of you readers have photos to share, please send them on to the email link above, and tell us the location and when they were taken. Thanks.

By the way, John entitled this photo "Begin the Beguine" - very apt we think.

October 7, 2015

Jackson treeCheck out this beauty! The often photographed Thieler tree is in full, awesome, color right now. Thanks to Valerie Nellor, of Ada's Place for sending this along. The tree is just a couple of blocks behind the big courthouse in downtown Quincy.  We had a report today that the famous Quincy High School trees are starting to turn - so we're going to have a great year - it's just hard to say when the peak color will arrive, but clearly the pictured tree is at peak today.

October 5, 2015

Beautiful, wonderful rain over the weekend here. Today and for the next week or so, our weather is predicted to return to our normal October. That is, blue skies, 60s and 70s during the day and cold and crisp at night. Perfect!
Jackson Street

Today we have another example of trees you can see around Quincy - this beauty is on Jackson Street . Thanks to John Sheehan for sharing.










And speaking of Quincy, the merchants downtown are having a blast building scarecrows for your enjoyment. Be sure to check them out when you're downtown.Thanks to Emily's Garden for the photos.

My Sisters Closet

 Quincy Thrift
 My Sister's Closet
 Quincy Thrift Store
 Emily's Garden
 Emily's Garden

October 3, 2015

We've had a number of calls asking when the peak fall color will happen this year. The answer is: it's hard to say, probably sometime between now and mid-October. The drought seems to have changed the schedule somewhat. But never fear, the entire month of October will be great for leaf-peeping. And check out the events calendar. There's plenty to do after a scenic drive.

Thieler treeToday we have another shot of the Thieler tree in Quincy. Valerie Nellor took this nice photo at 5pm yesterday and kindly shared it with us. This tree is nearing peak right now. It's amazing how quickly the leaves turn once the cold nights hit.

Thompson LakeAnd Dave McKee sent in this stunning shot of Thompson Lake aspen. Thompson Lake is near Bucks Lake, just west of Quincy.

September 28, 2015

 Thieler tree againThe leaves are changing more and more each day. Some trees are showing good color, and you're sure to find beautiful views along any of the rivers and streams here. Please compare this photo of the same tree shown in our September 26 report to see how quickly things can change. Thanks to Valerie Nellor of Ada's Place for the photo.


September 26, 2015

Our fall colors are moving along nicely. We're hoping for more photos and reports to come in. Please send yours!

Thieler TreeToday Valerie Nellor, of Ada's Place, sent this shot of the famous "Thieler Tree" in Quincy - just a couple of blocks behind the courthouse. This tree is sort of our barometer - the leaves are changing early again this year, but not as early as last year - so we hope we're on schedule for a great October.

If you're driving up the Feather River Canyon, please stop by the River Gallery in Tobin and check out some of our local artist's work featuring the Feather River Canyon.





September 25, 2015

When last we spoke, our fall colors were beginning to show. We're happy to report that they are now appearing more and more. The nights are crisp and the days beautiful with the bluest sky! It really is fall here in Plumas County. Come and see for yourself.

dogwoodWe have another report from Mike Nellor today - he says the subtle beauty of Dogwoods beginning to change for fall. Just a few minutes drive out of Quincy on LaPorte Rd.

redpoint mapleAnd we received this photo from Rocky at the Feather River Hot Springs in the Feather River Canyon. Beautiful redpoint maple.







September 18, 2015

Hello again everyone! It's starting to look like fall around Plumas County. Yes, it's early, but the fall colors started fairly early last year too. We're thinking it must be due to the drought, there just hasn't been enough moisture for the trees.

To kick things off today, we have some photos from Mike Nellor, owner of Ada's Place in Quincy. These were taken yesterday at the confluence of Rock Creek and Meadow Valley Creek - just off Bucks Lake Road west of Quincy.
While most of the trees haven't started showing color yet, the Indian Rhubarb along the creek beds is looking beautiful.

And, please, if you have any photos and reports of fall color to share - please send them along to us at

Indian RhubarbRock and Meadow Valley CreeksMore Indian Rhubarb


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