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Photo by Mark Kidder

Work with Us

The Feather River Tourism Association (FRTA) is excited to announce a job opportunity for our growing organization. We are hiring for a full-time Executive Director. We encourage all people who are passionate about Plumas County and want to play a role in developing the tourism economy to take their career to the next level and apply today.

Executive Director Job Description

At the discretion of the FRTA Board of Directors, the Executive Director’s role is to create and manage a comprehensive program of tourism development and promotion for the Feather River Markeng District (FRTMD), which includes Lake Almanor Basin, Quincy, Bucks Lake, the Feather River Canyon and Indian Valley. The primary responsibility of this position is to grow tourism-related revenues through the effective use of strategic planning, budging, creative marketing, leadership skills, community assets, industry knowledge and relationships, and evolving tourism practices.

  • Work Location: Presently virtual but could accommodate a temporary office if necessary
  • Compensation: 40 hours a week at $50,000 – $60,000 (vacation, sick leave, and medical benefits)
  • Desired qualities: Applicants should be familiar with Plumas County and interested in playing an important role in developing a more thriving local economy. This position will require a person who can work independently, is not afraid to ask questions, and can balance diverse tasks from administrative to long-range strategic planning. Feather River Tourism Association is an equal opportunity employer

How to Apply

You can request the detailed job description and/or ask questions about the position to Karen Kleven, Chairperson of the FRTA Board of Director at Karen.kleven@discoverplumascounty.org. The position is open until filled, but we hope to interview candidates in November, 2022 and make a decision in December. If all goes well the Executive Director will begin duties by January, 2023.

About Feather River Tourism Association

The Feather River Tourism Association is a 501(c) 6 corporation working in association with the lodging providers of the Lake Almanor Basin, Indian Valley, Feather River Canyon, Quincy and Bucks Lake to improve and develop the tourism economy of our communities. The 3-year Strategic Plan, FRTMD Management Plan, and related information about the district can be found at www.FeatherRiverTourism.com. FRTA is funded through a 2% assessment on lodging revenue with a budget of approximately $200,000 per year.


We love welcoming visitors to create lifelong memories on our beautiful lands and in our unique communities. Take the Plumas Pledge to help us care for the health of our natural places and the well-being of our communities while visiting Plumas County.

take the plumas pledge!

  1. Prioritize wildfire prevention
  2. Leave places as you found them
  3. Pack out all of your trash—bonus points if you pick up trash left by others! 
  4. Stay on designated trails and camp in designated areas
  5. Check the weather before heading out
  6. Be mindful of your energy and resource usage
  7. Ditch plastic bottles and drink our mountain fresh tap water instead
  8. Choose locally made products and services from local businesses
  9. Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life in Plumas