Boiling Springs Lake as seen from PCT

Nothing but the Facts

Nothing but the Facts

Longboards Racers

Plumas-Eureka State Park is in the ancestral home of the Mountain Maidu people, who have a rich culture, traditions, and spirituality.

The first ski race in the Western Hemisphere was recorded in 1861 at what is now Plumas-Eureka State Park. Miners used 12′ Norwegian-style skis called “longboards.”  The tradition continues today in January, February, and March.



The county boasts over 100 lakes and 1,000 miles of rivers and streams—over one million acres of National Forest.

canoes on lake with sunset
Bear Cubs

With only nine people per square mile, this rural, four-season mountain retreat has more wildlife than people.

Early beginnings were gold mining, timber, and the railways. The search for a mythical lake of gold drew thousands of prospectors…it was never found.

Mining Structure at Eureka State Park

Starlit nights shine brighter with only three traffic signal lights in all of the 2,613 square miles of Plumas County.

Taylorsville boasts the oldest cash register in the Pacific Northwest, and there is another almost that old at the rustic bar in the St. Bernard Lodge near Chester.

Taylorsville Cash Register over 105 years od

The Feather River Watershed (located mostly in Plumas County) provides drinking water to 27 million Californians and cultivates more plant and animal diversity than Yellowstone National Park.

The length of the county—Lake Almanor to Sierra Valley—takes just two hours to drive.