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Traveler Experience

creating a welcoming place for all guests

Feather River Tourism Association has created a category called Traveler Experience on our lodging page to help all visitors feel more confident and welcome visiting Plumas County. Below is more information about how lodging providers are included in the Traveler Experience categories. Upon submission, lodging providers submitted information to be included in the categories but Feather River Tourism Association does not regulate or enforce these categories.

LGBTQ+ Welcoming

To be listed as LGBTQ+ Welcoming facilities, businesses commit to an inclusivity pledge which states the following:

  • To ensure that guests of all gender identities and sexual orientations feel safe, welcome, and respected, businesses commit to enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for hateful, disrespectful, or discriminatory behavior from staff.

Good for Remote Work

To be listed as a Good for Remote Work lodging provided, businesses need to have a minimum of 25 Mbps download speed. Businesses have submitted speed test results from guest rooms to be included in the work-friendly category.

Family Friendly

In order to be deemed Family Friendly, businesses confirm that:

  • Their facility welcomes families with children of all ages
  • They have areas for children to get our side to play and experience the great outdoors
  • They strive to be a special place for families to come together and make lasting memories