Truck at Gold Digger Days Parade Quaint and Quirky

The Quaint and Quirky of Plumas County

The Quaint and Quirky of Plumas County

Historic Towns – With Lots of Character (and characters)

Methodist Church Quincy with fall colors

The early towns tell the County’s story. Founded in 1854, Plumas County has a population of just under 20,000. Before the towns, the indigenous Mountain Maidu lived in the valleys of the Sierras. The growth of settler communities expanded when settler Thomas Stoddard said there was a lake in the Sierra filled with gold nuggets! Over time, different industries in Plumas County created various settlements.

  • Historic Quincy, the county seat since the 1850s, is an original mining town.
  • Greenville in the Indian Valley in the late 1850s was a mining, ranching and farming community. 
  • Chester, near Lake Almanor, had cattle ranches and timber industries to support the Gold Rush. It was the ‘playground’ for lumbermill workers from Westwood with local bars and brothels.
  • The Western Pacific Railroad in 1910 influenced Portola’s character. Today, Portola’s Western Pacific Railroad Museum is one of the largest railroad museums in North America complete with an authentic experience of riding the rails.

From Big Meadows to Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor was initially called Big Meadows, where the Northern Maidu tribe lived. A hydroelectric power plant was built in the 1890s, and that is when the 180-foot-tall Big Meadows Dam was built. The dam was completed in 1914, and Big Meadows became a lake called Lake Almanor, named after an early settler, Guy C. Earl’s three daughters: ‘Alice,’ ‘Martha,’ and ‘Elinor,’ thus Al-ma-nor.

Alice, Martha, and Elinor Earl

Fairgrounds, Festivals and Events…Always a Celebration

Merchant's Night Out
Kids enjoyong an ice cream cone
  • The Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds at Quincy brings locals and visitors together all year round. There are music events, art shows, and great family entertainment. Even a fair to commemorate the original fair’s start in 1859.
  • Quincy is known worldwide for the High Sierra Music Festival, which has run for three decades, Sparkle in December, and Ground Hog Fever Fest in February.
  • Chester celebrates a tree-lighting ceremony that launches its festive Merchant’s Night Out. It also has an ice skating rink (December through March) and the traditional July 4th parade, which is in its 57th year.

World Championship Longboard Races

Each year the World Championship Longboard Races are held at the Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl at Johnsville in January, February, and March. Skiers race up to 80 miles per hour down slopes using the traditional “dope” recipes to slather skis, using one pole and single straps to hold boots onto skis. Today slogans like ‘Sierra Lightning’ and ‘Dope is King’ are still heard. No synthetics allowed!

Two women at starting line of World Championship Longboard Race


Quircus World Circus Day

Plumas County has its own circus troupe! Based in Quincy, Quircus’s mission is to enrich the local community and its members’ lives through the joy of circus arts. You can catch them at MANY Plumas County events throughout the year. Enjoy acts such as fire spinning, aerial silks, juggling, hula-hooping, and more!