Welcome to Plumas County!

Summer is upon us and we have water! If you’re looking for a laid-back, affordable, friendly vacation spot, head for Plumas County’s lakes, rivers, and cool mountains in the picturesque Northern Sierra. Worried about water levels in our lakes? Check out this video about Lake Almanor, courtesy Todd Geer, Plumas Pines Resort.

We offer pristine forest campsites, uncrowded hiking trails, scenic two-lane highways and hospitable small towns just a few hours drive out of city traffic. You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re worlds away.

Ride a bike, catch some fish, play mountain golf, explore a favorite hiking trail, get out on the water on a beautiful lake or the Feather River. Join the fun of celebrations, art fairs, plays, and music festivals offered nearly every summer weekend.

After a perfect sun-filled day, enjoy patio fine dining or roast marshmallows by a campfire. Relax in the comfort of a cozy cabin, luxury townhome, a quaint B&B, or your own RV. Plumas County’s likely to become your best-loved getaway – and you may not want to leave!

As you may know, Quincy was voted "One of the coolest small towns in the West" last year. As a result, this commercial was recently filmed in Quincy. Give it a look - pretty funny!

Please join us in welcoming our new regional tourism partner, Sierra Nevada Geotourism. Visit recommendations by Plumas County residents and National Geographic.
Thanks to a generous sponsor, we are now able to offer you a free Plumas County Visitor Guide. Just send an email with your name and address and we'll send a guide right out to you.