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National Golf Month

All the Good Walks Offered by Plumas County

There are many golfers who have read the book “A Good Walk Spoiled” … an enlightening book on the PGA golf tour relating some of the most humbling experiences as well as triumphant comebacks in professional golf.  Even knowing that this sport can “defeat” the best, golf remains one of the most popular pastimes for both men and women who spend hours on golf courses chasing a little white ball.

In recognizing August as National Golf Month, Plumas County is proud to have 10 golf courses throughout the county with a wide variety of terrain and range of difficulty to offer locals and guests who play.

Two of the counties’ courses are Lake Almanor Country Club and Lake Almanor West, “sister” nine-hole golf courses.  One is located on the Lake Almanor peninsula within Lake Almanor Country Club (LACC) and the other one is on the West Shore of the lake. 

The idea of a golf course for the Lake Almanor area came from Ed Clifford, one of the developers of the peninsula. His thought was to have an 18-hole course with nine-holes at LACC and the back nine to be played at Almanor West. He envisioned a road down to the lake edge of both courses where there would be a dock with a barge large enough to carry two golf carts and golfers from one side of the lake to the other in order to get in 18-holes of golf. Brilliant was the initial thought.

The reality of this unique idea came to a halt when it was determined that rough water, high winds and the unpredictability of mountain weather would make it unsafe to continue what seemed like a good idea at the time.

With that idea scratched, the development of LACC golf course began with Clifford meeting with Luther Carr showing him where he wanted to develop the golf course.  At that time, it was noted that Clifford did not even own the property. His answer, “You are right. It is owned by Fruit Growers Supply.  They don’t want to sell to me, but they will.” Carr said okay, and pointed out to Clifford where the pro shop would be, which is where it stands today.

While this meeting was going on, sales manager Billy Taylor drove up. With him was a young man named My. Jones.  Introductions were made and it was explained that he and his dad were dirt-contractors looking for work since they had just completed a job. The following Monday Jones and dad started the beginnings of the LACC golf course

LACC started with the first, fourth, fifth and six holes. On the sixth hole by the ladies’ tees by a clump of trees, that still remain, was a box of score cards for these four holes. Near this box was a cigar box where players put in $1 allowing them to play as many holes as they wanted. In 1965, Clifford added second and third holes and in 1966 the seventh, eighth and ninth were added.

Today, every hole has four sets of tee-boxes, which presents different challenges due to the positioning and yardage.  Though there is no boat ride to play another nine holes across the lake, this beautifully landscaped and exceptionally manicured golf course is played by many and most would say, “A beautiful walk enjoyed.”

Come Enjoy National Golf month in Plumas County

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