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Vast amounts of public forest land makes Plumas County a prime destination to search for caches using hand-held Global Positioning System devices. This modern form of treasure-hunting, using coordinates posted online, continues to grow as a family sport. Over 3,195 geocache sites are now listed on the geocacher's official website within a fifty mile radius of Quincy, the Plumas County seat.

GPS deviceThe Caches, usually containing a trinket or small toy and a log book, have been typically placed in beautiful natural settings or near interesting historic landmarks. Once the cache and reward is discovered, visitors are asked to sign their name and leave something else in the cache for the next person. 

Couple finding a cacheWhile finding the cache is the goal, getting to them is the real fun and challenge. Geocachers exploring Plumas County, can choose hunts that vary in difficulty, based on elevation, terrain or season. Some coordinates will take you to the tops of mountains or to the edge of waterfalls. There's a series of railroad-themed caches and another that links local churches.

If you're new to the sport, check out the above website for information and helpful tips on finding local caches. You will discover hundreds of interesting places overlooked by the casual visitor while getting great exercise and enjoying mountain scenery and fresh air. And with the quantity of caches offered throughout the area, you'll have fun searching for days.

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